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Clarkston Experts Share Guest Column About Supply Chain for Cell and Gene Therapy

January 19, 2023  |  Clarkston Consulting’s Janel Firestein and Linda Plumley were recently featured as guest columnists with Cell&Gene and others (Bioprocess Online and Outsourced Pharma) for perspectives on supply chain for cell and gene therapy. Read a few excerpts from the piece below or the full article here.

The Holistic Guide To Supply Chain For Cell & Gene Therapy Startups

“Many cell and gene therapy (CGT) startups are research-focused. As the scientific technology platform is discovered and potential therapies are identified, documents such as the Candidate Target Profile (CTP) and Target Product Profile (TPP) are created to ensure alignment across functional areas. These documents are used to assist the program team in decision-making and are key to the supply chain as a reference to understand what the potential product is and what support is needed. Even with these as a guideline, though, how does the supply chain team stay ahead of the expected changes and respond at the speed the developing program expects?”

Read the Full Cell&Gene Article Here