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Clarkston Article Featured in 2022 California Life Sciences Digital Magazine

Clarkston Consulting’s Susan Shockey, Principal Quality Systems Consultant, recently shared an article in the California Life Sciences Digital Magazine for December 2022. The theme of this Life Sciences Insights magazine is Cell and Gene Therapy, focusing on the potential of exploring innovative ways to treat, prevent, or cure diseases that are currently incurable. Read the full magazine for the latest trends, drivers and the overall market environment, and the Clarkston article (on pages 21-22) which covers supply chain technology implementations and approaches for better product shipment tracking. View excerpts from the article below.

December 16, 2022 | Durham, NC

Simplify The Supply Chain for Your Cell Therapy Products

“The FDA had far fewer pre-approval questions for products that are cryopreserved.”

“Shipment tracking with temperature monitoring is standard in all cases, but the shipment timing is critical for unique cell therapy products due to the need to coordinate the many activities of the complex supply chain. A robust courier management process is critical to control transport requirements.”

“Clarkston Consulting’s Cell Therapy Orchestration Platform (CTOP) was designed to meet this need and built on the SAP S/4HANA platform. CTOP provides a multitude of benefits beyond the control of the supply chain and aims to simplify the processes associated with cell therapy supply chains and provide a single platform to manage integrated and collaborative communication with stakeholders.”

Read the Full California Life Sciences Magazine Here