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Our consultants solve problems for the world’s leading life sciences, consumer products, and retail companies.

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Clinical Trials

The world has seen the massive benefits of clinical trials through booming medical innovation that helped to diminish the danger of the pandemic, but those benefits are also applicable far outside the realm of COVID-19. Additionally, the industry has shifted towards a patient-centered focus.

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consumer healthcare trends

Supplement + Nutrition

At the intersection of personal well-being and consumer products, this industry supports consumers’ unique health journeys and preferences; personalization will be at the backbone of this growing industry.

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medical device trends


Diagnostic testing is essential for almost all life science operations, as its implications range from medical device manufacturing, to patient care and reporting, to laboratory operations. Innovations and operational excellence will be a necessity for growth with players in this industry.

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Loyalty Program

Moving into 2023, retailers are faced with inventing new ways to retain loyalty and encourage spending, using old tricks that have been revamped to fit modern-day needs. Here are 5 trends that retailers should consider to strengthen their brand loyalty this year.

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Wearables Trends

Wearable Device

As consumers continue to prioritize their own health and well-being, interests in more holistic devices that continuously track physiological measurements — and are not just for fitness monitoring — have increased demand for data-driven wearables.

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footwear and apparel trends

Apparel Industry

The apparel industry continues to evolve to find creative ways to keep up with ever-changing consumer demands, while also considering the implications of sustainability, supply chain factors, and influences from technological advancements.

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Consumers look to connect with brands that reflect their beliefs and with companies that set ambitious ESG goals. The bar has been raised for brand transparency, increased use of sustainable materials, sustainable tech innovation, and more.

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UX Design

As a majority of brands now value accessible web design as a strategic imperative, we’re moving toward a more accessible web. What are some considerations your business should keep in mind regarding UX design and digital accessibility this year?

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Life Sciences Sales and Marketing

We are in a time of dynamic change and transformation for the life sciences industry — propelled by a new wave of digital transformation.

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Pet Food Industry

This year, we expect to see a further shift in pet owners’ purchases being reflective of a more holistic value for their pets’ health, wellness, and care and their commitments to sustainability and social responsibility.

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Streamlining laboratory processes has become essential, and technological advancements have made these types of upgrades a reality. Mobile LIMS adoption, data and analytics investment, real estate expansion, and AI automation will be key factors to consider in 2023.

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Supply Chain

As we look to 2023 and beyond, we predict a continued focus on the ways supply chains can continue to prepare for uncertainty and disruption while also supporting improved risk mitigation strategies, supportive technologies, and sustainable practices.

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