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Our consultants leverage decades of industry experience and client commitment to deliver solutions that work for your business and your people, no matter the challenge.

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2021 Trends Reports

Consumer Products

The ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic, the racial justice movement, 2020 elections, and more spurred massive shifts in consumer behavior that will continue to ripple in 2021.

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Life Sciences

The 2021 life sciences trends reflect an industry still moving at lightning speed to adapt to the new strategic, operational, and technological modalities across the business.

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Grocery Trends


Throughout a year of uncertainty and rapid adjustments, implementation of digital technologies has been vital to grocery operations in 2020.

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analytics trends


Data and analytics sit at the intersection of business and technology, where new drivers, trends, or developments can cause a shift in how businesses use, manage, and optimize.

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medical device trends

Medical Device

2020 has been a highly impactful year for the medical device community as companies face new challenges from the coronavirus pandemic.

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health and beauty trends

Health and Beauty

The world of health and beauty is ever evolving as it is a continuous and fluid expression of societal norms and aesthetic ideals for its many consumers.

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Pharma Trends


With the outbreak of COVID-19, many anticipated trends surrounding the pharmaceutical industry accelerated while others were deprioritized or overshadowed.

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Food and Beverage Trends

Food and Beverage

The 2021 food and beverage industry trends reflect both the significant impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the ever evolving tastes and preferences of consumers.

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skincare trends


More consumers have shifted their focus from the appearance of their skin to its health and well-being, creating declines in makeup sales and upticks in skincare.

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Consumer Healthcare

As healthcare costs rise and the coronavirus pandemic continues, people have become more wary of their susceptibility to diseases and are more conscious of preventative care.

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Wearables Trends


The wearables trends reflect changing demand, rapid innovation, and increased attention on overall health and wellness among the greater population.

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footwear and apparel trends

Footwear and Apparel

It’s no secret that the footwear and apparel industry are being heavily impacted by COVID-19, and the trends for 2021 readily reflect those changes.

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eCommerce Trends


The 2021 eCommerce trends reflect the gargantuan impacts the global COVID-19 pandemic has left on consumers, shoppers, and businesses.

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Distribution of coronavirus vaccines, optimizing warehouses and distribution systems with technology, and growth in ePharmacy setting the stage for potential industry disruption.

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Project Management Trends

Project Management

2021 brought about many challenges for project teams and their leaders, as we move into 2021 they pose promising avenues for productivity growth and efficiency gains.

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Companies large and small in the life sciences, consumer products, and retail industries trust our people with their business. As a leading business consulting firm, we help our clients achieve their business objectives. Our 97% client satisfaction rating is more than a metric, it’s who we are.

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