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Sales, Digital CRM, and Digital Commerce

The role that technology plays and its direct engagement with customers and consumers is and will continue to be a priority for consumer products companies, making technology a key focus for both sales and marketing organizations.


Consumers Are Empowered to Own Digital Engagement.

Armed with information, consumers are using their influencing power to change how companies do business in this digitally driven world. Truly engaging with your customers and consumers is complex with the diversification of retail channels and the evolution of the consumer and digital interactions are at epicenter of engagements with both consumers and customers.


We help consumer products companies understand how new types of information, data, and technologies, impact their engagement with consumers, and identify solutions to continually put the customer and their mission at the heart of their strategy.

To realize your opportunity with digital engagement, a strategic roadmap with short-term and long-term priorities

  • Sales & Marketing IT Strategy
  • Vendor Selection & Advisory
  • Program and Project Management

Whether you are trying to understand your consumer or your customers, the technologies that provide your business with a true 360 degree view, requires strong reliance on the following capabilities.

  • Master Data Strategy & Governance
  • Sales Reporting & Analytics
  • Marketing Reporting & Analytics

Our experience with sales and marketing technologies include those focused consumers, customers, and internal business technologies and with the increased importance that e-commerce will play in the industry, technology becomes critical.

  • Trade (CAS, Demantra, Exceedra, Oracle Global Trade Management)
  • Customer Relationship Mangement (CRM) (SAP, CAS,
  • Digital Commerce / E-Commerce (SAP Hybris)

What Our Stewards Say

Cara Ridenhour

Client Sales Executive

Digital agendas are driving the technology initiatives that companies take on, and being strategic in the technologies you use to execute those agendas is very important.

We help our clients leverage technology to achieve their business goals. For more information on how we can help your company, please contact, Cara Ridenhour.

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