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Competitive Differentiation & Execution

In the last thirty years, unprecedented changes in markets and technologies have forced even the best-positioned companies to take a fresh look at their competitive landscape and their strategies for communicating with providers.


A great brand with a conventional strategy is no longer enough to compete in the market.

Competition is increasing, unexpected, and occurring more frequently than ever before. In addition, challenges around the ongoing patent expiration, consolidation, pricing pressure, and the hybridization of the pharma model are all affecting the ability to achieve growth. Establishing a successful market position requires the right combination of strategy, approach, process, and organizational alignment.


To succeed in the future, organizations need to acknowledge this new competitive paradigm and develop innovative ways to address and shape them to their advantage in the industry.

Challenge traditional sales approaches and conventional engagement models.

  • Strategic Innovation Approach
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Marketing Positioning

Establish internal and provider-facing processes to enable more effective sales strategy and execution that target all influencers and payers.

  • Sales Strategy
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Sales Technology Implementation

Enhance growth by boosting sales and marketing productivity and enabling more purposeful engagements with providers and patients.

  • Change Management Strategy
  • Change Management Execution
  • Salesforce Training & Activation

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Global Pharmaceutical Company

They’ve been more passionate and engaged on the topics than the typical consulting firm.

We help our clients build stronger competitive strategies resulting in a more competitive organization. For more information on how we can help your company, please contact our expert, Traigh Groover.

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