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Business Process Consulting for Retail

Our team helps retailers enhance critical business processes, procedures, and profitability. With our deep retail industry expertise, Clarkston’s business process consultants can analyze and streamline the way you do business, whether a simple fine-tuning or a redesigned overhaul.

Retail is constantly evolving. Enhancing your business processes is critical to remaining competitive and profitable.

Many retailers are faced with the pressures of the “need for speed”, while being constrained by outdated legacy systems, complicated and laborious processes, supply chain inefficiencies, and lack of visibility to timely and meaningful analytics and reporting. Additionally, managing expenses and labor costs while trying to maintain or gain a competitive edge can be very challenging. Our team can help retailers assess their “as is” state of operations, identify opportunities to speed up processes, save money, and improve profitability.


We’re prepared to provide industry expertise in a wide variety of areas including software and hardware vendor evaluation and selection, system upgrades and implementations, program and project management, strategy, analytics, eCommerce, digital, supply chain, planning & allocation, and change management.

Vendor Evaluation, Selection & Implementation

  • Current Software and Hardware Needs/Gaps Assessment
  • Retail Software and Hardware Vendor Analysis and Validation
  • Vendor Evaluation Scorecard (usability, features, security compliance, IT supportability, etc.)
  • Stakeholder Workshops and Evaluation Sessions
  • RFI, RFP, and Customized Demo Script Development
  • Implementation Management/Support (timeline, cost structure, development, testing, pilot, rollout)
  • POS Vendor Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation
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Digital & eCommerce Consulting

  • eCommerce Purchase-to-Delivery Process Assessment
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Experience Strategy (Ordering Process, Shipping, Receiving, Customer Service)
  • Digital Discovery and Roadmap
  • Technical Strategy and Channel Planning
  • Brand Messaging and Product Marketing (Photography, Copy, Pricing, Campaigns)
  • Integrated Omnichannel Sales and Marketing
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Project Management Trends

Program & Project Management

  • Organizational Needs/Gaps Assessment
  • Mission Statement/Purpose Alignment
  • Cross-Functional Governance Board
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Develop Timeline and Cost Structure
  • Templates/New Demand Intake
  • Value Stream Assessments and Roadmaps
  • Project Delivery and Support
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Advanced Analytics Consulting

  • Current Reporting Needs/Gaps Assessment
  • Key Metrics, Reports, and Insights Discovery
  • Analytics Strategy and Roadmap
  • Analytical Tools Implementation and Support
  • End-to-End Analytics Solutions
  • Training and Development of Canned Reports
  • Augmented Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Data Governance and Management
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Migration from a Legacy POS to a New POS

The need for speed and convenience is driving innovation for next-generation Point of Sale (POS) solutions. Businesses need to invest in technology that allows their POS systems to be more than a simple transaction generator, but instead, a system that prioritizes data privacy and safety as well as meets customers’ needs for speed and convenience. Reach out to our retail team today for guidance on next-generation POS systems or retail technology strategies.

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Looking for support on your retail business process?

Consider us an extension of your team. We are highly collaborative business partners, and are prepared to take you smoothly from ideation to implementation.

We stay focused on what is most important to you and help you make the right decisions. Whether you are focused on gaining a competitive edge through improved system efficiencies or assessing, documenting and redesigning complicated processes, Clarkston can help. The vast majority of our clients over the past 30 years are repeat clients for a reason; we have earned their trust and confidence by consistently proving our value. To learn more about our business process consulting services, please contact David Patterson.

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