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Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS)

Clarkston’s analytics-as-a-service offerings allow your business to realize the full potential of your data without a cumbersome implementation process or costly upfront investment. Our industry-focused approach creates actionable insights targeted to the nuances of your competitive environment.

Analytics-as-a-service – cut costs, not corners.

Becoming an analytics-first business is table stakes in today’s environment. But the ongoing war for talent, rapid pace of innovation, and complex analytics market creates a complicated path to driving valuable insights from the data you collect or acquire. We eliminate the obstacles to enable efficiency and accessibility in driving decision-making, improving outcomes, and creating growth with analytics.


Our analytics-as-a-service approach gives you access to best-in-class data science capabilities and technologies without a heavy upfront investment or lengthy ramp-up.

Analytics-as-a-Service Solutions

We focus on outcomes first to ensure your business is able to realize value as quickly as possible.

  • Analytics Help Desk
  • Analytics Troubleshooting
  • Data Management
  • Insights-as-a-Service



AaaS Models

Clarkston’s analytics-as-a-service model is wholly adaptable to ensure long-term success and sustainable growth in scaling analytics throughout your business.

  • Subscription-Based Model
  • Advisory Model
  • Managed Services Innovation Model

Monitoring and Alerts

Speed is a critical capabilty for businesses today – we help ensure immediate visibility into disruptions, trends, and insights most impactful to your business.

  • Customer and Marketing Analytics
  • Risk Management Analytics
  • Operations and Data Analytics
  • Finance Analytics
  • Trade Promotion Analytics

What Our Clients Say

Life Sciences client quote

Senior Director, Transformation Program Office

Global R&D Pharmaceutical Company

The Clarkston team has been top notch. I’ve been very pleased by the outputs and insights at every stage. Clarkston has consistently delivered results and provided critical insights working across teams that are notoriously difficult.

Contact us today to learn how an analytics-as-a-service model can fit into your business.

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