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Compete to Win – Building the Competitive Advantage

Late in 2015, a global pharmaceutical company was, for the first time, beginning to suffer from an increasingly competitive landscape in a category they had invented. While the franchise enjoyed top market share for years, management recognized their recent loss of competitive focus. More agile competitors had entered the market with new products delivering superior benefits for key patient groups, and they came armed with fresh business strategies that communicated these benefits to health care providers (HCPs). It was a wakeup call. The francchise knew they would need to take their competitiveness to the next level.

Year after year of uncontested success had slowly bred complacency, comfort, and a general lack of urgency across the organization. This drift was manifesting itself in mindset and morale issues that were limiting organizational effectiveness and restricting the team’s ability to respond to opposition. How could the franchise prioritize the new competitive challenges? How could leadership reinvigorate employees and develop rallying points to carry brands forward? How could the franchise create breakthrough ideas that could be implemented immediately to address these issues before they caused more damage?

Management knew they had to address these essential questions to survive and grow in the future. They recognized that an innovative solution would be needed to solve never-before-seen challenges. They chose to partner with Clarkston Consulting, the leader in strategic innovation, to help them develop a strategy to reclaim their leadership position.

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