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The Holistic Organization Model

Today more than ever business environments are rapidly changing, requiring your company to continuously adapt. If environmental complexities including customer demands, regulatory requirements, and competition are not adequately addressed, businesses run a high risk of failure.

Maneuvering the ever increasing complexity of the external environment requires more and more complex organizations in order to survive and thrive. In addition, bureaucracy tends to develop a life of its own, making your organization even more complex.

However, increasing organizational complexity means higher cost, which may make your company less competitive. Striking the necessary balance between an explosion of cost and staying competitive is a difficult undertaking at best, and one at which very few companies excel.

The Holistic Organization Model (HOM)

Determining the ideal state between required complexity and desired simplicity is extremely difficult due to the multitude of quantitative variables and qualitative influences involved. For that purpose, Clarkston Consulting has developed the Holistic Organization Model (HOM). The HOM provides a comprehensive analysis of the external complexity combined with a differentiated and consistent assessment of the organizational complexity. Using the HOM will ultimately result in a portfolio of targeted initiatives with measurable benefits that align organizational complexity with the external environment, removing unnecessary cost while strengthening your overall organization.

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