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Vendor Selection Case Study: Improving Communication and Task Management in Retail

A growing multi-billion retail conglomerate engaged Clarkston to support their retail store organization efforts as they continued to acquire new brands. The client had recently re-organized regional and district management to oversee multiple brands to increase productivity; however, each brand retained different internal systems for accessing documents, reports, and even communication. Recognizing the importance of a unified system with a tailored approach for each audience, Clarkston managed the vendor selection process to select a provider to deliver improved communication and task management capabilities to support their management and stores. 

Download the Task Management Retail Case Study Here

An objective process of vendor selection began with capturing detailed requirements and brand level nuances while focusing on enterprise level goals and scope of the project. The initial market scan of industry-leading intranet packaged solutions was completed and the team focused on vendors with experience in the industry and demonstrated advanced solutions. Vendor demonstrations were facilitated with a select group of vendors, allowing the client to become familiar with features and customization options. Then, Clarkston guided reconciliation with the business and IT feedback through several rounds of deliberation, which resulted in a final choice to move forward with a vendor as a partner. Throughout vendor presentations and negotiations, Clarkston remained an impartial third party to drive the process, organizing feedback against the defined selection criteria, and facilitating the ultimate decision on the preferred vendor. 

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