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Solving the M&A IT Challenge

Acquisition in the Life Sciences Industry

Recent years have seen a relentless furry of acquisition activity among life sciences organizations. In this torrent of mergers and acquisitions (M&A), billions of dollars are being exchanged. Perhaps even more wealth is being created, but could also be destroyed if the acquisition is poorly executed. Companies have a strategy and priority for each acquisition, yet they all share one thing in common: successfully integrating two completely separate companies into a new entity.

There are many factors involved in the success of acquisition integrations. Two cultures must meld into one. Two businesses must determine how to operate as one.

Questions to Ask:

  • Will their sales forces combine?
  • How will the management organization be structured?
  • In a given location, is there a need for two offices where there was previously one?
  • How will the new entity operate efficiently, and how long will it take to become one seamless organization?

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