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Patient Centricity Assessment and Strategy

A global generic pharmaceutical manufacturer with a smaller, but critically important, specialty branded pharmaceutical arm was seeking to better understand their gaps and opportunities around key pillars of the patient centricity spectrum. At the same time, the company wanted to construct and articulate a clear strategy and roadmap to further consider patients across every process and strategic decision undertaken by the organization with a goal to become an even more patient centric as an organization. The Clarkston team provided a patient centricity assessment.

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The Clarkston team assessed the pharmaceutical company’s current landscape via senior executive interviews, in- and out-of-industry best practices research, and applying Clarkston’s Patient Centricity Maturity Model to understand the unique challenges posed by the company’s portfolio and structure. Solutions were developed to address the organization’s unique challenges with both short-term attainable outcomes and a longer-term roadmap to achieve their bigger aspirations.  

As the structure of patient centricity and the internal team shifted from a centralized unit to decentralized leadership, Clarkston developed novel solutions, a detailed strategy, and a roadmap with an eye toward success under the new organizational structure. Through Clarkston’s change management methodology, our solutions tapped into the deep commitment of individuals in the organization to work toward greater patient centricity and inspired leadership to engage, recognize, and communicate the organization’s commitment to patient centricity more consistently. 

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