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Seventh Generation: Information Technology

Last year, products with sustainability claims on packaging experienced double the amount of global sales growth than those without. Process improvement and stabilization are becoming a more important part of operations for companies that wish to keep up with this pace and meet the increasing consumer demand for innovative and sustainable products. Clarkston Consulting interviewed Seventh Generation Director of IT, Lincoln White, to discuss how mission-minded companies are coping with this change and rapid growth from a technology perspective.

Here are some key insights from the Seventh Generation interview:

The people at Seventh Generation take turns wearing the people, planet, sustainability’ hat and the ‘profit’ hat. The combination of these two perspectives allows us to have balanced discussions when making decisions.

Somebody has to own process standardization and help the company understand that standard operating procedures and process ownership may seem to limit creativity and collaboration, when in fact they set the stage to be more collaborative where it really matters.

To read the Seventh Generation: Information Technology interview, click through to download the PDF below.

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