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Inclusive Leadership Training Series

Clarkston recently partnered with a creative marketing agency to develop and deliver a series of diversity, equity, and inclusion training courses leveraging Clarkston’s IDEA’s seminar model. The goals of the engagement were to: highlight that diversity goes beyond inherent traits like race and gender, provide actionable and practical steps the organization can do to make change when it comes to leading with inclusivity and diversity in mind, develop a culture of ownership for DE+I, and create a trickle-down effect throughout the organization. 

The company had previously participated in DE&I training but was looking for a partner to take a deeper-dive into concepts and move beyond a definition-based training or lecture. The overarching client need was to provide deep-learning and identify actions that the organization could adopt to advance their DE&I goals.

Download the Full Case Study Here

Clarkston took a collaborative approach with the organization’s CEO and Director of Brand Engagement to adapt Clarkston’s Inclusive Leadership training workshop offerings to focus on the identified topics and opportunities at their organization. Additionally, Clarkston leveraged a DE&I survey to gather feedback from all employees on opportunities, desires, strengths, and weaknesses at the company as it relates to DE&I, allowing the team to craft specific examples, breakout group discussions, and recommendations throughout the trainings.  

Clarkston kicked off the engagement with our Inclusion as a Leadership Skill training seminar, providing the fundamentals of understanding personal unconscious biases, skills for advancing inclusive leadership skills, and how to frame positive change and organizational ownership. Subsequently, Clarkston delivered an Equity Alignment training seminar where we took a deeper dive into organizational concepts such as insider-outsider dynamics, meritocracy, and an organizational design workshop. 

Download the Full Case Study Here

Key outputs of the engagement included:  

  • Customized and delivered an anonymous survey to understand and level set on DE+I sentiment, strengths, opportunities, and ideas at the organization.  
  • Created a foundational understanding of how personal biases can affect our leadership styles 
  • Discussed the six tenets of inclusive leadership and how they can affect our actions within the organization 
  • Challenged insider-outsider dynamics and meritocracy, focusing on how they affect the organization as well as sub-teams and departments 
  • Workshopped the organizations most pressing DE+I opportunities and what internal and external factors can affect them  

Download our Inclusive Leadership Training Workshop case study, learn more about our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Consulting Services or contact us below.

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