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Organizational Health – Driving Value for Your Quality and Regulatory Functions

It’s no secret – the life sciences industry lives in an almost constant state of change.

Today, change is driven by pressures to institutionalize patient-centricity and value-based care across your business. As can be expected, the quality and regulatory implications of these changes are complex. Patients, legislators, and regulatory bodies are demanding more oversight – meaning the quality and regulatory functions of your business are more critical than ever to your legal, financial, and operational success.

Coupled with more visibility and sensitivity to pricing, these changes are forcing companies across the industry to reassess their organizational ability to adapt and grow. Addressing these external forces requires more than dollars and cents, it requires a healthy organization prepared to not only react but capitalize on these changes.

So what do we mean by healthy?

At Clarkston Consulting, we define a healthy life sciences quality and regulatory organization as one where:

  • Quality and regulatory functions are viewed as strategic arms of the business rather than cost centers,
  • Regulatory requirements are used as tactical levers to drive business growth,
  • Enterprise-wide quality systems and processes are harmonized to ensure data integrity and enable a more efficient flow of data analytics, and
  • Management is confident, knowing that the organization has the flexibility to address dynamic market and technology challenges as they arise.

How can Clarkston Consulting help you get healthy? 

Clarkston has developed an evidence-based, proven methodology for evaluating organizational health for life sciences quality and regulatory organizations. Utilizing industry benchmarks, best practices, and rising trends, we collaborate to find your strengths and gaps across the functional areas of your business and within your internal and external partners. Once gaps are identified, we prioritize them, analyze root cause, and develop solutions that fit your goals and objectives while fostering organizational health. From there, we plan, pilot, and implement people, process, and management system changes to establish long-term sustainable success.

We approach this process through four key organizational dimensions. To read the rest, download the full PDF by clicking below.

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