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Fragmented Eco-Labels Leading to Consumer Confusion?

Organic Monitor reports this month that the number of eco-labels in the food industry is expected to continue to proliferate in 2013. Over 200 seals and logos represent some ecological, ethical, ingredient or sustainability attributes in the global food industry.

Given the volume of labels already in place and the projected increase going into 2013, how will consumers be able to keep up? And how will Consumer Products manufacturers be able to differentiate in the sustainability space when the designations are so fragmented? Will this proliferation somehow devalue the designations?

Despite being backed by a truly worthy cause, these issues are still being addressed at all levels. Clarkston’s Kyle Montgomery recently blogged about this topic in his post, The Dimensions of Doing Good. He notes that sustainability metrics are still being standardized and measurement tools are still developing and that companies must define what sustainability means for them within the corporate context.

These issues will be discussed within the industry later this month. Organic Monitor will present its latest findings on the global market for eco-labeled food and beverage at the Sustainable Foods Summit in San Francisco on January 22-23, 2013. The latest market data on the organic, fair trade, and eco-labeled products market will be presented, as well as future growth projections.