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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Advisory for Multi-Billion Dollar Food Company

Corporate social responsibility, once an exercise in large, publicity-driven donations, has evolved to become a substantial focus for consumers and the brands they buy and use. Even the commercials in this year’s Super Bowl LIV the growing importance of CSR to consumers and how brands are adapting their messaging and marketing to tailor to that demand.  But meeting this expectation from consumers is more than marketing, the savvy, modern consumer requires that businesses demonstrate authentic commitment to CSR initiatives and ideals.

A leading global producer, marketer, and distributor of food recently underwent a business transformation to bring differentiated focus to their end consumer, including a greater degree of unity and collaboration across the different teams and regions.

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Recognizing the continuously growing significance for end consumers, customers, and partners, this client sought to better demonstrate the organization’s commitment to health, safety, quality, sustainability, community, and philanthropy through a strategic corporate social responsibility effort.

Since its founding, sustainability has been ingrained in this client’s DNA. The organization chose Clarkston as a partner to reinvigorate sustainability as a core strategic pillar, develop the sustainability strategy and bring their CSR story to life through a CSR report and dedicated website.

Corporate Social Responsibility Advisory – Primary Objectives 

As partners, Clarkston and this client set out to:

  • Increase awareness of the client’s long-standing history of sustainability,
  • Build a strategy that unites this client’s business goals and sustainability efforts across their different regions and business units,
  • Create an effective and modern visual identity to reflect this client’s new strategic direction and consumer-first ideology,
  • Create a digital platform to house and display CSR content and to allow this client greater agency to continuously update and adapt as needed, and
  • Develop the process for sharing, updating, and communicating CSR content with internal and external stakeholders on an ongoing basis.

Download the Full Case Study Here

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