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Transforming Global Clinical Supply Chain Master Planning

Increased globalization and the growing complexities around innovative, next-generation therapies has forced biopharmaceutical leaders to reexamine their clinical supply chain practices in order to target opportunities for improvement, cut costs, and realize greater efficiencies. Enabling excellence in clinical supply chain can also help businesses streamline decision-making, improve collaboration, and enhance forecasting and planning capabilities. Clarkston was fortunate to partner with a client seeking to redefine clinical supply chain planning in their business.

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The client is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world with operations and distribution across Asia, Europe, South America, North America, and Africa. With a large number of programs in the pipeline and many complex clinical studies underway, the company’s global clinical supply chain organization was facing critical challenges, including constant firefighting and significant material waste, leading to frequent supply disruptions, trial timeline delays, and ever-rising R&D costs. The challenges were largely due to accelerated study timelines, fragmented planning processes, and a lack of visibility and data-driven decision support in response to unpredictable demand and supply changes.

Clarkston was engaged to partner with the client to develop a master operational supply plan (MOSP) to be used across all R&D programs as a means for improving trial delivery. The Clarkston team, with exceptional life sciences supply chain expertise and in-depth clinical R&D knowledge, partnered with the client to quickly adopt and adapt commercial supply chain best practices to develop a MOSP toolkit for clinical supply operations.

Primary Objectives

Clarkston partnered with the client to:

  • Develop a clear, robust, and well-defined set of processes and tools to support a master operational supply plan (MOSP) to be used uniformly across all development projects, and
  • Ensure patients receive the right dose of the applicable study drug in a stable condition within the prescribed window of time without the burden of undue costs, all while ensuring the right-sized drug supply for the client.

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