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Amplifiers Leadership Training


Magnify the power of teams. Increase the impact of organizations. Turn up the volume on positive change.

If you believe that human talent matters, learn how to activate and unlock true talent.

Explore concepts from Wall Street Journal bestselling book, Amplifiers, on how to empower employee effectiveness. Author Tom Finegan, CEO and Co-Founder of Clarkston Consulting, delves into the idea of amplifier individuals who play a crucial role in driving change in organizations.

So, what is an amplifier? Amplifiers aren’t titled executives; they are those key individuals that are able to execute the vision of the business with a unique blend of true leadership and strong followership. In this balance, amplifiers are able to not only grow their own careers, they’re able to truly magnify the impact that their teams, peers, mentors, and leaders have on the business.

Amplifiers Leadership Training teaches concepts from the book of how to identify, develop, and activate true talent. Using his applied experience and leadership philosophy, Finegan will dive into discussions on the intersection of great leadership and great followership and how he has seen this combination have a transformative effect.

Leadership Training

Based on principles from the book, Amplifiers, this unique leadership training is sure to inspire individuals in all stages of their career.
Together, let’s create an amplified change wave that sustains long-term organizational transformation.


the relationship between leadership and followership


and identify your organization’s amplifiers


talent acquisition and development


your workforce in an inclusive and equitable way

How can good companies/leaders become great ones?

To develop a positive organizational change, companies should be looking at talent development differently — through the lens of an amplifier. A leader is not a leader if there are not followers present. So, spending time thinking about the interplay of leaders and followers is critical for leadership success.

The impact of amplifiers goes beyond a few interactions on a team; it affects the entire corporate performance and the career satisfaction of each individual.

While some people are naturally amplifiers, we have found that corporate outcomes can be significantly enhanced by intentionally developing and nurturing amplifier styles, motives, and traits. Our trainings provide a path for employees at all levels to develop critical leadership skills and for organizations to scout and nurture true amplifiers.


High-Impact Learning Opportunities

Empowering amplifiers through dynamic and practical leadership development trainings.

For Individuals

Are you exploring how to develop effective leadership skills? Empower your career potential by learning essential skills in team management and effective communication through our Amplifiers training. Through this course, you’ll gain insights, strategies and skills to excel as a confident, impactful leader.

For Organizations

Do you want to level-up your organization by investing in leadership development?  This training will shift focus, build alignment, and accelerate change. Upskill your people to develop effective leaders that matter to your company’s future. Reveal talents, growth areas, and leadership styles with our comprehensive training.



Participants will work together to explore common styles, motives, or traits for both a leader and a follower in order to understand and decode top performing psyche of an amplifier. Attendees will come away from Amplifiers Leadership Trainings with a new, non-traditional perspective for how to think about leadership at their organizations (one that deeply takes into account the role of a follower, too). As a leader, learn the essential element of followership to amplify performance at your organization and to amplify life around you!


What to Expect:



Recognize the common styles, motives, and traits of leaders, followers, and amplifiers and why these matter.


Identify the tools needed to scout for amplifiers at your organization and empower them to drive improved team performance.​


Formulate a plan for how to best leverage your organization’s amplifiers, leaders, and followers to achieve outcomes for the financial health of the organization.​

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Reach out to our Amplifiers team to learn more about how you or your organization can leverage this leadership training.

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Tom Finegan

Meet Tom

Tom Finegan is a serial entrepreneur who’s made his career creating and managing successful businesses across a range of industries. As the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of Clarkston Consulting, Tom has led the firm through decades of change and disruption. Under his leadership, the firm has maintained steady growth while achieving an industry-leading client satisfaction rating of 97% over the last twenty years and a Net Promoter Score of 87%. Tom’s approach to amplifying his workforce, empowering their effectiveness, and realizing strategic change has enabled employees that are true amplifiers, motivated and engaged with the organization’s corporate strategy, business objectives, and culture.

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Learn More About Amplifiers

In Amplifiers, entrepreneur and expert management and technology consultant Tom Finegan shares how to magnify organizational potential. After the author’s years of observing leadership first-hand across organizations, he discovered that the most effective leaders incorporate elements of followership. Amplifiers are individuals who marry both leadership and followership to “influence up,” lead others, and execute the mission of the business. Through an exploration of the career journeys of several leaders and analyses of “True Amplifiers” in action, the book demonstrates an expanded way of thinking about leadership. Amplifiers inspires readers in all stages of their career to find the boldness to lead and the courage to follow.

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