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Clarkston’s Senior Consultant Sara Morris Honored as “Brightest in the Profession”

February 6, 2024  |  Sara Morris, senior consultant at Clarkston Consulting, was recently highlighted by Consulting Magazine as one of the “2024 Rising Stars of the Profession.” She was honored for her “excellence in client service” in the operations management category. Clarkston Consulting was also represented for “finding and keeping the best and brightest professionals” and “identifying and cultivating the next generation of leaders.” Read a few excerpts from the feature below or the full article here.

Consulting Magazine Announces 2024 Rising Stars of the Profession

“Consulting Magazine is pleased to announce the brightest and most promising young talent our industry has to offer. This year, not only do we honor the best young talent in our profession, but also those firms with outstanding programs focusing on the recruitment, retention, mentoring and enrichment of talented and promising young professionals.”

“These young and impactful professionals have demonstrated exemplary skills in client service actions, relationship practices, innovation and leadership in serving both their clients and their firms.”

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