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Pet Product Industry Experts Share Insight on Packaging Optimization for Pet Manufacturers

April 24, 2024 | Clarkston Consulting’s pet product industry experts Lorraine Mackiewicz and Reed McKenzie recently shared an article in the Pets International Digital Magazine for May 2024 titled, “Packaging Optimization for Pet Manufacturers.” This trend report magazine covers “Accessories, New Products, and Aquatics” and focuses on topics such as packaging, sustainability, an online sales analysis, and more. Read the full magazine for the latest trends, drivers and the overall market environment, and the Clarkston article (on pages 23-25) which covers key considerations in packaging optimization. View an excerpt from the article below.

Packaging Optimization for Pet Food Manufacturers

What tactics have companies been environmental impact of their packaging while maximizing customer experience?

Almost 70% of pet owners worldwide express concern about climate change, and preferences for brands with ethical practices, supply chain transparency, and sustainable packaging are at an all-time high. But despite global commitments and consumer demands, 99% of all pet food and treat packaging in North America goes to landfill each year, according to Pet Sustainability Coalition.

Read the Full Pets International Magazine Here