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Clarkston Retail Industry Lead Speaks to Impact of Athletes on Luxury Retail

May 4, 2024  | Clarkston Partner and Retail Industry Lead Sean Burke was cited by El Pais for his expertise on the luxury retail industry. An excerpt of Sean’s featured quote from the article is included below, and read the full article here

Luxury Brands Flex: How Athletes Have Become a Surefire Fashion Statement

Their massive intergenerational reach, influence on social media and uncontroversial attitude have turned sports figures into gold for exclusive brands. That’s even more true in years when the Olympics take place, as in 2024.

“Especially in fashion, the relationship between athletes and major luxury brands, has always been limited, if we are not talking about soccer players. With the exception of Rolex, few [brands] have used them as an image or claim. But social media has changed the rules: sports is a showcase for multimillion-dollar audiences, and athletes are the best asset for making a brand visible, reaching a greater number of potential consumers and gaining or strengthening [customer] loyalty.”

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