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Clarkston Consulting Introduces IDEA Seminar Series to Promote Diversity and Inclusion

July 24, 2018 | Durham, NC

Professional services firm Clarkston Consulting today introduced the IDEA Seminar Series, an innovative, action-based diversity and inclusion training program aiming to replace the routine, check-the-box diversity programs of the past. Each IDEA Seminar provides attendees with a platform to Inform, Discuss, Engage, and Act on an issue related to Inclusion, Diversity, and Equality in Action.

The multidirectional discussion-based IDEA Seminars each focus on personal and professional topics related to diversity and inclusion. The sessions aim to broaden individuals’ perspectives, catalyze inclusion, and institutionalize diversity as an asset to organizational health.

Clarkston’s Diversity Council Chair Brandon Miller recognized the need for a more dynamic approach to diversity training, “Surface-level diversity training yields surface-level results. If the mindset is ‘we need to check this box,’ then yes, at the end of the day, your results are wholly confined to compliance.”

Miller continued, “But when your approach to diversity is purpose-driven and action-oriented, you create an engine of change that leads to bottom-line results – more engaged employees, more innovation, and better business relationships.”

Though driven by dialogue, the series is purposefully built to maximize engagement. Discussions, group activities, videos, introspective activities, and readings are utilized to engage each attendee in their individual learning style. With designated follow-up and supplemental activities for eight weeks following the event, the IDEA approach also institutes long-term understanding and appreciation for diversity and inclusion.

Facilitators for the IDEA seminars are trained and equipped with resources that enable meaningful, personal discussion without fear of retribution. The first IDEA seminar focuses on unconscious bias and ends with each attendee anonymously committing to a personal action to mitigate the discriminatory behavior in their own lives.

“Diversity has always, and will always, be a core value at Clarkston. I’m exceptionally proud of the diverse array of people we have at Clarkston. Diversity in our workforce ensures that we’re bringing a variety of experiences, backgrounds, and mindsets to each interaction we have with our clients,” said Clarkston President Paul Garrison.

“The IDEA seminars continue to champion diversity as a core value but more importantly, they’re evolving the way we all think, speak, and act when it comes to diversity and inclusion. The program is democratizing diversity to ensure that all of our stewards, at all levels, are actively promoting an environment that enables the best of all of us.”

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