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Expert Shares Considerations for an Outsourced Commercial Model Strategy

September 18, 2023  |  Clarkston Consulting’s Lorraine Mackiewicz, an expert on organizational design strategy, process optimization, market assessments, and digital transformation for the consumer products, retail, and life sciences industries, was recently featured as a guest columnist with Outsourced Pharma for best practices and considerations for an outsourced commercial model strategy. Read a few excerpts from the piece below or the full article here.

Moving From Clinical Stage To Commercial? 4 Steps For An Outsourcing Strategy

When pursuing an outsourced commercial model strategy, capability needs and priorities may change as organizations move closer to commercialization. We outline four considerations to bear in mind so that forward progress can be made with implementing business and IT capabilities.

  1. Define a clear and comprehensive strategy up front
  2. Evaluate budget and resource constraints against potential risks
  3. Establish key stakeholder alignment across key stakeholders
  4. Monitor, assess, and iterate along the way

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