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Introducing a New Scholarship for First-Generation College Students 

October 1, 2021 | Durham, NC 

Consulting and advisory firm Clarkston Consulting announced today the launch of a new Clarkston Scholars scholarship program. The new program was founded on a mission to create equitable access and opportunities for low-income, first-generation college students.  

“The social justice movement in this country has highlighted a dire need to reevaluate how we help communities and people that have been underserved and under-represented. Part of that evaluation has to consider how we as businesses can contribute to bettering circumstances for the next generation,” said Clarkston CEO Tom Finegan. 

Created through a collaborative effort with Clarkston’s Diversity Council, the scholarship program is purpose-built with three components to address the specific needs of low-income, first-generation students. First, the program provides a financial award of $10,000 split over two academic years. Second, Clarkston stewards and partners will offer mentorship and networking opportunities to assist the student in navigating career planning, work dynamics, and more. Lastly, the student will be evaluated for the opportunity to intern with Clarkston in the hopes of joining the firm as a consultant.  

Clarkston President Paul Garrison said, “Financial assistance is important but we’re most excited to create a program that enables long-term benefits for the recipient. Beyond helping to address the realities of financing an education, this program is designed to equip students with skills, resources, and mentors that can help them navigate the world inside the classroom and beyond.” 

To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be a current college sophomore and first-generation college student attending one of the following schools:

Clarkston is seeking applicants who demonstrate alignment to Clarkston’s core values and have an interest in pursuing work in the life sciences, consumer products, retail, or consulting industries following graduation. The application period for the scholarship, to be awarded in February 2022, is now open. Learn more here.

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