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Bruce Twery Promoted to Partner at Clarkston Consulting

July 16, 2019 | Durham, NC

Business consulting leader Clarkston Consulting announced today the promotion of Bruce Twery to Partner. In this role, Twery will continue to focus his efforts to serve his clients in the life sciences, consumer products, and wholesale distribution industries. Twery will also be responsible for enabling further growth and development of the firm and its stewards.

Since joining Clarkston in 2006, Twery has applied his considerable expertise in supply chain management, enterprise systems, and process improvement to assist clients in achieving demonstrable returns for their business. With his aid, Twery’s clients have developed and realized operational strategies that create market advantage, improve costs, and streamline processes to better serve their customers and stakeholders.

“Faster, more agile, and responsive operating models have always been strategic goals for our clients. Where before those goals were driven internally, to increase production, throughput, or efficiency; we’re now seeing external drivers put even more pressure on the supply chain. Consumer demand is forcing leaders in supply chain, manufacturing, and IT to achieve new competencies,” said Clarkston CEO Tom Finegan.

Finegan continued, “Bruce brings a wealth of experience to help companies realize these capabilities – capabilities that may have seemed nearly unattainable even a few short years ago.”

In his time with Clarkston, Twery has worked with industry leaders in the consumer products, wholesale distribution, and life sciences industries on initiatives across a wide array of critical business areas. Partnering with his clients, Twery has helped businesses execute enterprise transformation, effectively integrate to rapidly achieve post-M&A synergies, and mitigate diverse operational risks to profitability and growth.

Clarkston President Paul Garrison said, “Bruce truly embodies the word ‘partner’ for his clients. He leverages all aspects of his experiences and resources on behalf of his clients to ensure not only success in the given initiative or project but for the future of their business and people.”

“His unique combination of experience as a consumer products executive and his strong consulting skills allows Bruce to understand his clients’ day-to-day challenges and help them push forward with strategic initiatives that improve operations and enable growth,” said Garrison.

Twery is based in Baltimore, MD. He received his B.S. degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Kenan-Flagler Business School, where he was a James M. Johnston Scholar.