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Supply Chain Security

In every supply chain domain, you want to make decisions that protect your organization while delivering the best possible outcome for your patients. With proper quality and security controls in place, your supply chain ensures your operations are safe, compliant, and profitable.

How safe is your supply?

There’s no question about it, the global life sciences supply chain is becoming more demanding and complex every year. As complexities grow, securing your supply chain is paramount to meeting your patient and stakeholder demands – not to mention the demands of regulatory authorities the world over.


Life science companies need to deploy applications, services and mobile solutions to manage today’s complexities and demands. Ensuring compliance, product integrity, product visibility, and risk reduction will secure the supply chain and keep it moving efficiently.


Your traceability strategy should keep the big picture in mind, while also designing solutions to meet the immediate requirements, but also addressing the potential track and trace requirements.

  • Serialization Solutions
  • Track and Trace Solutions
  • Vendor Selection


A global distribution chain with security of supply will help address counterfeiting and diversion. But in addition, it will enhance preparedness for medical emergencies, facilitate control of loss reduction, and aid in execution of supply chain, marketing, and sales strategies.

  • 3PL and LSP Assessment and Selection
  • Domestic, Regional, and Global Implantation
  • Import / Export Compliance


Margins are shrinking, meaning it’s never been more important for companies to focus their resources on what they do well and where and when it makes sense to outsource. Successfully selecting and integrating an outsourcing partner into your manufacturing ecosystem is critical to not only maintain compliance but to realize the potential cost savings and operational efficiencies.

  • CMO Roadmap
  • CMO Selection
  • Technology Integration

What Our Clients Say

Head of Global Supply Chain

Global Pharmaceutical Company

Clarkston is very hands on. They’re able to adjust quickly and operate with transparency.

We have worked with leading pharmaceutical companies to build serialization solutions from the ground up, design and execute a 3PL and trading partner strategy, and streamline CMO relationships. Our clients have seen decreased cost to maintain security and compliance, and increased supply efficiency. To learn how we can help your company achieve supply chain security goals like these, contact us.

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