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Retail Supply Chain Strategy Consulting

Today’s supply chains require agility and resilience. As supply chains transition focus from cost efficiencies to agility and resilience, retailers will need to operate with increased speed in order to address their rapidly changing needs.

Retail supply chains can add significant value by transitioning away from a focus on operational excellence and, instead, shifting priority towards improving the customer experience.

Transitioning supply chains to be customer centric requires significant changes in capabilities and mindset, supported by analytics. Clarkston helps retail clients achieve their strategies to efficiently manage the logistics of products — from raw materials to delivery to their customers.


We help clients optimize activities to reduce costs, increase speed to market and gain a competitive advantage.

Inventory Management

Ensure you have the inventory needed to satisfy customer demand – where and when you need it.

  • Reduce stock outs by increased focus on inventory management
  • Invest in systems for automation and exception management enabling your teams to drive value added activities
  • Decrease inventory costs by investing in the products your customer wants
  • Improve margins with lower inventory costs and product where you need it
  • Find the right balance in carrying inventory to meet customer demand

Improve Forecasting

Forecasting demand and anticipating the unexpected is critical to managing stock levels.

  • Incorporate demand sensing into your merchandise strategies
  • Invest in digital strategies to respond and readjust to disruptions in real time
  • Find the right balance in carrying the inventory levels needed to meet customer demand

Gain Competitive Advantage

Being customer centric means incorporating your customer information, buying patterns, and changing customer needs within your supply chain processes, continually.

  • Integrate your retail systems and the critical data needed to support customer focused actions
  • Use real time data for demand sensing
  • Increase bottom line results by incorporating customer signals in your supply chain processes
  • Incorporate predictive analytics based on your customer’s buying patterns into your decisions and processes
  • Enable flexible delivery models: instore delivery, same day pickup, ship to customer to meet your customer where they are

Our supply chain consultants leverage deep industry experience to solve your supply chain challenges. We help you identify and develop resilient strategies and embed customer focused processes, to improve your bottom line.

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