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Realization Strategies

Helping companies to foster and sustain innovation is only the first step. We then light the path to be a fully integrated digital organization, realizing a return from big data.

How do you ensure ROI and sustain growth powered by innovation?

While ensuring a positive ROI should be a basic requirement before significant resources are allocated to digital investments or innovative ideas, many organizations struggle to identify the ROI and outline a clear path to achieving it.


At Clarkston, we understand that identifying new paths to ROI and ensuring your efforts are sustainable, is a challenge to be met with new strategies.

Digital Differentiator

Advances in digital business and technology hold great promise. However, there are critical questions that must be addressed such as ROI, novel partnerships, and sustained advantage. We apply our proprietary approach to strategic innovation to help you evaluate your digital positioning and help answer these questions.

Idea Monetizer

There are countless great ideas sitting dormant within organizations still need to be explored. We apply our strategic innovation approach to help you monetize them including big idea prioritization, unlocking the value potential, and then pilot design and testing to transition into a full scale launch.

Planning Plug In

Make your existing strategic planning process more innovative. The Planning Plug In brings breakthrough thinking to your most critical issues and opportunities in just three weeks through our proprietary challenge framing method, creative recombination workshop, and On-Line Precedent Repository.

What Our Clients Say

Executive Director, Global Retail Technologies

Consumer Products Company

Truly committed to over-achieving, over-delivering, and supporting their clients.

We help clients move past endless planning phases and begin reaping the rewards of commercialization of their most innovative ideas. To learn more about our proven Innovation Realization approach, please contact Aaron Chio.

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