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Performance Management

Life sciences companies are facing an increasingly competitive and disrupted landscape, creating new pressures to be more flexible and agile than ever before. Creating a dynamic approach to sales performance management requires a data-first mindset leveraging the insights afforded by our digital world.

From 2010 to 2016 the number of “no-see” doctors increased from 22% to 36.5%.

Companies are producing an abundance of data every day. The challenge comes in translating it into actionable insights that drive improvements in performance. Life science companies that derive insights from sales and marketing data and use it to improve the customer experience are the ones that are setting themselves up for strategic partnership long-term.


Translate your sales and marketing data into actionable insights that drive better engagement with key external stakeholders.

Utilize the latest technologies to improve your decision making and empower your sales and marketing teams.

  • Sales Reporting Tools
  • Business Intelligence
  • Analytics and Data Science

Create a more flexible, adaptable sales force, empowered to work constructively with healthcare professionals and serve patients.

  • Sales Force Capabilities Gap Assessment
  • Sales Operating Model
  • Channel Optimization
  • Customer Innovation Training

Create a winning sales team that is hyper-focused on the challenges of those they call on and ready to co-create real solutions.

  • Sales Training Design
  • Sales Training Development
  • Sales Training Delivery

What Our Clients Say

Senior Director, M&A Finance and IT

Biopharmaceutical Company

There is a true sense of partnership, not just a customer mindset, in the amount for which Clarkston truly cares about the company and not just the specific project/engagement.

We recognize how important it is to deliver leading resources to your sales and marketing teams to help achieve their goals. To learn how we can help your company achieve your product’s goals and objectives like these, contact Traigh Groover.

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