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Digital Enterprise

Wherever your company resides in your digital transformation journey, Clarkston can assess your current enterprise systems and help you develop a plan to achieve your digital goals.

Are you ready to create the digital enterprise?

Executing your digital strategy starts by building a digital enterprise but it can’t happen all at once. A digital core creates the foundation for achieving your business objectives and creating lasting digital success. Perhaps you want to better serve your customers or maybe you want to innovate new products more quickly. No matter your goal, Clarkston can help you determine the most effective path to creating and optimizing your digital enterprise.


The digital enterprise starts with technology modernization and expands with digital transformation.

Starting a digital transformation can be complex. Whether starting new, making a transition, or upgrading your systems to support your digital journey – you need to have alignment with your business strategy. 

  • IT & Enterprise Systems Strategy
  • Enterprise Solutions Advisory
  • System Landscape and Technology Roadmap Development
  • Business Case Development
  • Change Management and Talent Assessment

Knowing the technology is not enough, being able to understand the industry challenges, provide the right solutions to overcome those challenges, and create new opportunity requires industry expertise, strategic perspective, functional knowledge, and technical skill.

  • Vendor Selection
  • Program and Project Management
  • Upskilling, Training,  and Talent Development
  • Data
  • System Integration and Implementation
  • Reporting and Analytics

Creating the value from a digital enterprise is not as simple as implementing new systems and executing a technology modernization. It’s the foundation and what you do with your foundation is the determinant for your success. 

  • Organizational Health
  • Advanced Digital Capabilities (e.g AI, Automation, Machine Learning)
  • Speed & Agility Index
  • Expand Into New Digital Channels
  • Enhanced Customer Experiences

What Our Clients Say

CIO and Project Sponsor

Consumer Products Company

Our digital project has been a strategic priority with the highest level of visibility across the organization and a broad cross-functional reach. ​Thanks to Clarkston’s leadership, this was one of the most successful enterprise-wide project we’ve ever completed. ​We are now well positioned for growth and the achieving of our aspirational goals.

The journey to a digital enterprise can be a winding road. If you are looking for more information about
how we can help with your digital needs, please contact Aaron Chio.

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