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Global Serialization Track and Trace Implementation

Clarkston Consulting recently partnered with a client on a global serialization track and trace implementation. This client company launched a specific agricultural unit in the 1950s. From the beginning, they have set out to discover and develop innovative solutions that improve the way the world farms. In 1989 the company went through partnerships, but by 1997, acquired 100 percent ownership of the business. In 2015 the company went through a merger, then subsequently spun off into three independent companies, one of them being focused solely on agriculture.

Download the Full Track and Trace Implementation Case Study

The client chose Clarkston to assist with expanding their serialization track & trace efforts to Argentina, China, and the U.S. This project provides global functionality for serialization at manufacturing sites with stationary packaging lines as well as cloud-linked mobile devices. This provides functionality to serialize, label, and record track & trace transactions for seed and chemical products.

In addition, Clarkston Technology Solutions was chosen as the global support provider for all serialization production systems at manufacturing sites and warehouses for their track & trace solution for seed and chemical products.

Some of the primary objectives for the track and trace implementation project team included: global process optimization to create transparency and traceability, improve operating efficiency utilizing standardized master data configurations, and create a foundation for future rollouts to new countries. This resulted in the team using tightly-integrated agile methodologies to migrate global business requirements from a legacy platform to single global solution, and a fully configured core solution with supply chain visibility, production line integration, and more.

Download the Full Track and Trace Implementation Case Study

The key benefits from this track and trace implementation project left the client company with globalization of serialization code to facilitate onboarding across multiple geographies, custom handheld scanner applications, integration with corporate and plant-level serialization systems, and full functionality and traceability.

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