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The Diversity and Inclusion Imperative: Taking Stock with Brandon Miller

Welcome to Taking Stock, a podcast designed to discuss some of the most pressing issues facing corporate executives. This podcast series is designed to share thought leading topics, ideas, and innovation with their listeners.  In the first series, host Steve Rosenstock, partner at Clarkston Consulting, will tackle topics like The Diversity and Inclusion Imperative, The Employee Engagement Challenge, and The Rise of Direct-to-Consumer.

As leaders, we must realize the role we play and the impact we have in shaping inclusion and diversity throughout our organizations. It is our role to set the example that diversity is more than just age, or race, or gender. True diversity of thought, backed by differing backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, is critical to bring out the best of your organization and enable more effective decision-making. The diversity and inclusion imperative in today’s workplace cannot be understated.

In this first episode of Taking Stock, I’m speaking with Brandon Miller, a manager and the chair of Clarkston Consulting’s Diversity Council, about why and how organizations need to incorporate different perspectives into the key decisions that drive their business forward. Brandon shares his perspectives on the historical evolution of diversity and inclusion through the years and the tangible ways in which leaders could make an impact. Brandon also discusses the steps companies need to take to ensure that diversity and inclusion is a core value. We discuss the diversity and inclusion imperative and the role it needs to play a role in key decisions such as:

  • Who we hire,
  • Who we promote,
  • How we innovate,
  • How we design, and
  • How we market.

You can download and listen to Taking Stock Episode 1 with Brandon Miller:  Understanding the Diversity and Inclusion Imperative here.


If you believe it’s your responsibility to drive the diversity and inclusion imperative forward at your organization, an organization-wide diversity survey may be a good place to start. This case study, Unlocking Organizational Insights With a Diversity and Inclusion Survey, highlights how this company invested in the D&I imperative to drive improvement across their workforce. Also, stay tuned for future episodes of Taking Stock with topics like The Challenges of Driving Transformative Change, What Does Corporate Sustainability Look Like in 2020? and The Value of the Consumer Engagement Index.

Taking Stock

In this podcast series, Clarkston Consulting Partner Steve Rosenstock sits down with experts and thought leaders from both within Clarkston and throughout its consumer products and life sciences client-base, covering a range of topics from industry trends and consumer dynamics, to organizational governance and business strategy. Steve provides you access into the passions of its guests and allows you to benefit from their stories, knowledge, and deep expertise.

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Podcast production by Zach McClughen

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