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Strategy and Operational Review for a Medical Device Organization

This client is a leading medical device company that designs, manufactures, and markets products specifically for restorative & aesthetic dentistry, and orthodontics. Their loyal customer base spanning over 9 million people has been built by the strategic leadership of an internal team specializing in outreach, event planning and product education.

These elaborate events and education programs were previously executed via live training events and conferences using a wide range of technologies. Given the flexibility that current circumstances under COVID warrant, the client has had to make countless adjustments in real-time to ensure that their primary source of outreach marketing is not compromised. Consequently, they had to provide virtual and hybrid versions of those same events.

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Executing this required the rapid integration of additional technologies and data management strategies. Adding to the complexity were numerous changes in the organization structure and the setup of teams supporting events and education. Given the rapidity of their new strategies and frequent re-organization, clarity on R&R’s, data management, vendor management and business rules, was deemed as insufficient.

Clarkston was tasked with assessing the current state of operations, outlining the challenges and opportunities, and providing recommendations on future strategic initiatives and practices. This required the Clarkston team to do a deep-dive into all aspects of the clients events operation including definition of R&R’s, creating a recommended org structure, budget analysis, vendor analysis, SWOT analysis and risk mitigation strategies.

Download the Full Strategy and Operational Review Case Study Here

To that effect, Clarkston conducted extensive interviews with all stakeholders of the events and education practice to create a comprehensive R&R documentation extensively detailing job descriptions, areas of collaboration, bottlenecks, and recommendations. In order to better understand the interdependencies within the various teams, a survey was administered as part of a small-scale organizational network analysis. Through this analysis we were able to assess points of failure, channels of collaboration and the flow of information. Thus, using a data driven approach to justify any recommendations around organizational structure. A part of the project was also dedicated to conducting a deep dive in vendor management. Including an analysis of the vendor budget was being allocated and ways in which that could be optimized.

The end goal that Clarkston was trying to achieve, was to equip the events and education team with the information and roadmaps that mitigate the effects of re-org related ambiguity and create a foundation for continuous improvement moving forward. By clearly documenting each of our recommendations with a roadmap and timeline, we helped ensure our collective effort with the client reaped benefits both in the immediate and long term.

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