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Improving Employee Engagement: Taking Stock with Jessica Morris

In the United States workforce today, one-third of employees are not engaged in their work for a variety of reasons, which can cost the economy up to $605 billion in productivity loss. According to a Forbes article from November 2019, employee loyalty is decreasing. Last year, 43% of workers would be willing to leave their companies for a 10% salary increase; this result is about 20% higher than in the previous survey. Similarly concerning, less than 33% of employees believe their company has a strong culture.

An engaged employee is defined as, “A person who shows up to work each day as their best self by passionately adding value and proactively seeking to achieve their company’s mission.”¬† How often do we as leaders consider the cost of a workforce that is not fully engaged? How different is employee satisfaction from employee engagement? Why does improving employee engagement matter?

In this week’s episode of Taking Stock, I’m joined by Jessica Morris, the Director of Human Resources at Clarkston Consulting. Jessica is a sought-after expert, speaker, and strategic adviser in the field of employee engagement. Throughout our discussion, Jessica shares her perspectives on the strategic imperative of an engaged workforce and provides tactical tips for leaders on improving employee engagement. Jessica will provide insight into some of the changing dynamics in today’s society that are having a profound impact on engagement, including the gig economy, remote workforces, and diversity and inclusion. Our conversation in this episode of Taking Stock will also discuss the role that people analytics are playing to provide a deeper understanding into key areas such as recruitment, performance, and employee mobility. Lastly, we’ll touch on the important role of employee engagement in strategic business transformation.

Download and listen to Taking Stock Episode 2 with Jessica Morris:  Improving Employee Engagement.


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