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How to Leverage the Supply Chain Resilience Assessment

In this post, we are excited to introduce the Supply Chain Resilience Assessment. Modern supply chains are complex networks, spanning multiple geographies, service providers, and trading partners.  Traditionally, the most admired supply chains have been designed for efficiency – consistently producing and delivering product to customers at the lowest possible cost.  But the world is unpredictable, and disruptions have come from every direction – global events (like a pandemic), regional trade disputes, hurricanes, financial downturns, etc.  It has become abundantly clear that our supply chains are vulnerable to these unplanned and unplannable events.  ​ ​

Supply Chain Resilience Assessment

Moving forward we need to rethink what good looks like.  Best in class supply chains will consider trading away a measure of efficiency in favor of resilience – anticipating disruptions that will happen and how to recover more quickly.  ​It is neither practical nor productive for supply chain leaders to try to predict and time disruptions. Instead, focusing on the potential impacts and making well-reasoned investments to position the business to manage through whatever may come. There will certainly be battles between those with a shorter-term focus and those who with the foresight to look farther down the road.  But it is not all about cost.  Resilience enhances competitiveness because your business may be positioned to gain advantage when competitors falter.   ​

Take the Supply Chain Assessment Here

Clarkston’s experience suggests that there are three key dimensions to supply chain resilience – supply network flexibility, organizational agility, and risk response capability.

We have created a Supply Chain Resilience Assessment to help companies consider their readiness for the next disruption.  This assessment prompts companies to conduct a self-evaluation of your company relative to supply chain capabilities and attributes within each dimension of resilience above.  The Supply Chain Resilience Assessment requires just 10 – 15 minutes to complete.   After completion, participants receive an email scorecard with recommendations which are tailored to your responses about your supply chain. The scorecard results from the Supply Chain Resilience Assessment provides your score and specific recommendations for enhancing your supply chain’s ability to detect, withstand and recover from disruption.

Take the Supply Chain Assessment Here

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