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Enterprise IT Strategy for a Manufacturing Company

Clarkston Consulting recently partnered with a client on an enterprise IT strategy. Founded over 150 years ago, the client develops and produces high performance materials and engineered solutions for a wide range of aerospace, energy, industrial, semiconductor, and life sciences industry leaders. The organization has set future targets and wishes to jumpstart development and optimization across their business units. The IT organization is evolving and wants to better position themselves for growth, optimization, and support of company goals.

Clarkston Consulting collaborated with the client to collect IT inventory, assess present and future needs within the company, and build a strategy to achieve future goals. Since there are many applications in use, it was critical to understand each system’s role and impact on the development of an enterprise IT strategy.

Download the Full Enterprise IT Strategy Case Study Here

The primary objectives for the team included modernizing the company’s data architecture and system integrations, developing a future enterprise IT strategy to meet the organization’s goals, and streamlining the IT landscape to meet business requirements. This resulted in the team developing an ERP value proposition addressing landscape reduction, new native capabilities, and portfolio reduction. This also defined current and future business processes for the company based on the proposed value proposition.

The key benefits from the Clarkston Consulting and client partnership on the enterprise IT strategy project included reduced IT complexity by standardizing the system landscape, optimized current applications capabilities to address pain points within business units, and identified cost savings by addressing these pain points and unlocking current capabilities to resolve issues. This ultimately created consistency across business units by addressing system requirements and selection criteria.

Download the full enterprise IT strategy case study here.

Contributions by Sean Wheatley

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