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Clarkston CPG Industry Expert Speaks to Target’s Health and Beauty Care Departments

February 5, 2024  | Clarkston Partner and Beauty + Personal Care Industry Lead Sarah Broyd shared opinions with Drug Store News on Target’s health and beauty care departments. Speaking from experience in the industry, see a few of her quotes below, and read the full article here

Target, Locked

Perhaps the most significant evolution of Target’s approach to beauty care recently has been its response to a broadening definition of what beauty care means to consumers, particularly in the wake of the pandemic.

“Ulta doesn’t dilute from the mass product that Target sells, and it doesn’t dilute from the Ulta brand name that does sell more premium products. It’s the best of both worlds. Ulta is able to reach consumers who might be near a Target, so they don’t have to drive to an Ulta, and Target is ultimately getting more sales of these higher-end products.”

Target’s goal is to offer its customers “affordable joy,”

“They are priding themselves on having more affordable beauty care products, and that includes more wellness and self-care, including more private label. Their goal is to have a price point of under $10 on most of their self-care products.”

“As Target continues to bring in new brands to its main beauty sets, it has reduced the number of SKUs for some products in order to make room, as part of an overall effort to revamp the departments.”

“In the last several years, Target has become an incubator of sorts for direct-to-consumer brands. I think if anything, they have doubled down on bringing traditionally native digital brands to their stores.”

The Function of Beauty partnership is especially noteworthy, she said, because they specialize in offering customized hair care products from their website.

“The fact that Target brought them onto their shelves is an interesting innovation in the space. Function of Beauty can try to get consumers to buy the more expensive version of the product from them directly.”

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