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Clarkston’s Medical Device Industry Lead Discusses Connected Healthcare

Clarkston Consulting’s Allyson Hein, Medical Device Industry Lead, was recently featured in the Information Week for her expertise on the rapid shift to connected healthcare. Read a few highlights below or the full article here.

June 2, 2022 | Durham, NC

Connected Healthcare Takes Huge Leap Forward

The Covid-19 pandemic has only increased the rapid shift to connected healthcare. Digital frameworks, such as electronic health and wellness devices and patient portals, are game-changers for healthcare. Allyson Hein recommends identifying healthcare practitioners who are enthusiastic about pilot projects — and then explore and test various concepts, establishing an advisory board for HIPAA, and ensuring that strong security and privacy controls are in place. Here’s a couple quotes from Hein:

  • “COVID has pushed electronic health and wellness devices into the forefront. These systems and devices have the potential to completely reshape care.”
  • “The data from personal health and wellness devices can be used by an individual to monitor themselves between doctor visits as well as to prompt a visit for a previously undiagnosed condition.”
  • “Potential study subjects are no longer limited by distance from a study site that requires time and cost to travel to. There is also no lost time at work or childcare considerations.”

Read the Full Information Week Article Here