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Experts Share Guest Column on Merger Best Practices for the Quality Industry

April 25, 2024  |  In this guest column, Clarkston life sciences industry experts, Aaron Chio and Sydney Daniels, explore what leadership in the quality industry should consider throughout a merger to ensure seamless implementation of processes and documentation. View an expert below and see the full article here.

Integrating Quality Processes And Documentation After A Merger

As life sciences organizations undergo transformational changes, such as merger & acquisition activities, one key principle stands out: boost operational efficiencies while ensuring that there are minimal disruptions to patients and the business. Essential to achieving this delicate balance is having the right documentation in place. This includes a holistic view of quality management systems (QMS) and corresponding standard operating procedures (SOPs), which must detail how quality is incorporated into the transition process. In this piece, we’ll explore what quality leadership should consider throughout a merger to ensure the right quality processes and documentation are implemented.

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