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Clarkston Consulting Manager Shares Insights for the Wine, Spirits, and Beer Industry

March 7, 2024  | Clarkston’s Lorraine Mackiewicz, manager and CPG industry expert, shared insights with CStore Decisions on the wine, spirits, and beer industry about how Gen Z and millennial generations are driving the non-alcoholic beer trend. Read a few quotes from her below, and the full article here

Shaking Up Alcoholic Beverages

“Today’s customer is opting for healthier and functional beverage alternatives, and brands are reacting with product innovations across the 0% ABV (alcohol by volume) beer category,” noted Lorraine Mackiewicz, manager at Clarkston Consulting.

“Specifically, Gen Z customers are considered the ‘least alcohol-consuming generation in history’ as they prioritize better-for-you beverages to complement their healthier lifestyle aspirations,” Mackiewicz said.

Still, non-alcoholic beer is a small fraction of the beer market. Mackiewicz advised that retailers considering adding non-alcoholic beer start with a few small brand features to gauge the interest of their shopper base.

Functional alcoholic beverages are also on the rise, like hard kombucha and fortified seltzer, as they offer a more health-forward option, Mackiewicz said, adding, “Fortified seltzer is a great example of how lines are blurring across beverage types in areas such as hydration, vitamins and alcohol.”

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