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Clarkston Consultant Sean Burke Provides Insight on Impulse-Driven Merchandise for Curbside Pickup

Clarkston Consulting’s Sean Burke, Associate Partner and a Retail Industry Lead, was recently featured in the Drug Store News for his retail industry expertise, particularly speaking to the barriers in effectively grabbing shoppers attention for impulse-driven segments within curbside pickup. Read the excerpt below or the full article here.

April 8, 2022 | Durham, NC

Get Them to Crave Candy: With curbside pickup growing, retailers are looking at ways to ignite sales of impulse-driven merchandise

Sean Burke spoke to the barriers at play in getting curbside pickup customers to tap into impulse-driven merchandise — candy, snacks, magazines, seasonal goods, to name a few: “Last minute add-ons would depend on what stores carry and how they manage inventory. Stores aren’t optimized for curbside pickup; they can’t be flexible. There’s a cost. And would you be setting up associates to fail if they can’t find them?”

He suggested adding screens for video promotions in the parking lots (like convenience stores do at gas pumps). Additionally, Burke said that retailers should apply advanced data that makes product recommendations based on personal factors, not just suggestions involving related products. Retailers can tap into individual shoppers’ demographics, location, history and purchasing frequency to be more personalized. Burke says, “There’s levels to the game.”

Read the Full DSG Article Here