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Tom Finegan is Guest on iHeartRadio

Clarkston CEO and founder, Tom Finegan, was interviewed by Sally Adams from Local Houston & Texas News. A quote from the interview and link to the piece are included below:

September 21, 2021 | Durham, NC

Office Burnout – at Pandemic Level?

Burnout is a common complaint and the main cause of resigning. Tom said, “When our parents went into the workforce, they took a job for life. They were expected to ‘grind through’ till retirement. That whole mindset has changed. There is more choice among new workers.” Additionally, at home responsibilities have continued to increase for families.

Read About The Interview Here 

We’re pleased to announce Amplifiers, a book by Clarkston Consulting CEO and Founder Tom Finegan. Amplifiers is a practical guide for readers which explores the special aspects of leadership and followership and how to unlock the power of employees to improve corporate performance and launch careers.