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Clarkston’s Life Sciences Experts Discuss Key Considerations for Working With CROs

April 25, 2023  |  Clarkston Consulting’s Stacey Erickson and Laurie Stone were recently featured as guest columnists with Clinical Leader for perspectives on working with CROs to deliver effective, high-quality clinical trials. Read a few excerpts from the piece below or the full article here.

Key Considerations For Working With CROs

Drug development is a complex process that needs a lot of attention and resources that many pharma and biotech companies do not have. By outsourcing elements of the clinical trial to contract research organizations (CROs), sponsors can save time and resources while leveraging the CROs’ experience and knowledge to improve the quality and efficiency of the clinical trial process. CROs can also play a key role in ensuring regulatory compliance and ethical conduct of clinical trials, which is important for protecting patient safety and maintaining public trust in the clinical research enterprise.

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