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Clarkston Sponsors NC Tech NC IT Job Trends Report for September

Business consulting leader Clarkston Consulting and coding education provider Momentum Learning are sponsoring the NC Tech Association IT Job Trends Report. This month’s report featured North Carolina IT jobs trends for the month of September 2020. Some of the information featured in the report includes the top occupations, metropolitan statistical areas, hard skills and certifications, hirers of tech talent, and North Carolina versus overall USA job postings for the month. Excerpts from the report and a link to the full report for the NC Tech Association are included below.

Report Highlights

At 26,305 open technology positions in North Carolina, the state has experienced a slight decline in available jobs in the sector. The decline, however, is counterbalanced by more equitable growth in geographic availability across the state, with more positions available in more areas than previous months, where job growth was relatively limited to fewer regions. Though there’s been an overall decrease in available positions, employers continue to seek out full-time workers with permanent positions representing 90% of available job openings.

The vast and rapid explosion of cloud technologies as a result of remote working conditions related to COVID-19 has led to an equally significant increase in demand for cloud capabilities. Oracle cloud, cloud infrastructure, cloud environments, and cloud services are among the top 10 skill sets in demand compared to the same time period last year. Complementing this demand for cloud capabilities, businesses with a focus on cloud, network, and mobile services have the highest number of available positions, including Oracle, IBM, Spectrum, Cisco, and Thoughtwave Software and Solutions.

Looking forward, growth in cloud positions stands to indicate increasing demand in cybersecurity experts, operators, and technicians as businesses grow their ecosystems and consequently, their vulnerabilities. Where cybersecurity may have been focused more exclusively on financial and healthcare sectors previously, businesses across all industries and sectors will now be forced to demonstrate cybersecurity and data privacy capabilities in order to compete in today’s environment and gain consumers’ digital trust.

Software Developers Thrive in Remote Work – You Can, Too

This month’s data shows that North Carolina businesses have increased hiring specifically for software developers, growing +13.4% year-over-year. Software development offers a unique opportunity to earn a secure, in-demand job made for remote work. For software developers, almost all work can be done online, agile teams collaborate virtually, and predictable schedules are the norm. According to a recent survey, 85% of software and IT professionals were confident they could work from home effectively and 82% were confident the industry could be effective remotely.

Today candidates, particularly parents, crave that remote work effectiveness and work schedule flexibility from employers. That’s why this November Momentum is excited to help people secure remote work jobs in tech. Our 16-week online course teaches full stack software development skills, such as Python, JavaScript, and HTML, for long-term careers ready to thrive in the remote world.

Building, Growing, & Supporting Career

Momentum builds, grows, and supports software development talent, providing relevant skills training for the modern workplace. Clarkston Consulting solves business and technology problems for the world’s leading life sciences and consumer products companies. Clarkston Consulting and Momentum are investing in North Carolina by helping visionary companies deploy new and inclusive strategies to find, develop and retain the best technology talent.

Read the full report on North Carolina IT job trends from the NC Tech Association for the month of September here.