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Clarkston Director Janis Featured in Drug Store News Article on Pharmacy Loyalty Initiatives

Jerry Janis, director at Clarkston, was recently featured by Drug Store News for his thoughts on how the Rx factor is evolving in retail loyalty. This article shares insight on pharmacy loyalty initiatives. Read Jerry’s featured quotes below, and the full article here to explore how pharma companies are using loyalty programs to stand out.

October 18, 2022 | Durham, NC

How the Rx Factor in Retail Loyalty is Evolving

The article explains that pharmacy loyalty initiatives are a factor of differentiation that emphasizes convenience and special services – such as same day prescription delivery, subscription programs, and digital records. Pharmacy benefits on store credit cards is an additional loyalty offer.

“The pharmacy team can be a consumer advocate,” said Jerry Janis, director of Clarkston Consulting.

“Some people visit pharmacies more often than [they visit] doctors. Pharmacy loyalty becomes key in building retailer loyalty.”

“If a pharmacy can save you $400 and you take home less than $2,000 monthly from Social Security, that’s a big lift in your capability to spend on other merchandise,” Janis said when describing how seniors are some of the biggest spenders in this market.

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