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Amplifiers by Tom Finegan Featured in Consulting.Us

In an article by Consulting.US, Amplifiers, Clarkston CEO Tom Finegan’s new book on leadership and followership, was highlighted alongside another leadership book by two Deloitte principals. This piece was originally published on September 27th, and an excerpt and link to the full article are included below:

September 29, 2021 | Durham, NC

Consultant Authors Release New Management Books: ‘Provoke’ and ‘Amplifiers’

“Finegan’s book delves into the idea of Amplifier individuals who play a crucial role in driving change in organizations. ‘Amplifiers aren’t titled executives, they are those key individuals that are able to execute the vision of the business with a unique blend of true leadership and strong followership. In this balance, Amplifiers are able to not only grow their own careers, they’re able to truly magnify the impact that their teams, peers, mentors, and leaders have on the business,’ said Finegan, who co-founded Clarkston Consulting in 1991. Finegan provides a how-to guide on identifying Amplifiers in a business; creating a talent function that attracts and develops Amplifiers; activating Amplifiers to drive sustainable change; and recognizing detractors in an organization and setting them on the path to Amplification. ‘This book won’t be the typical business book collecting dust on your shelf. ‘Amplifiers’ will inspire readers in all stages of their career to find the boldness to lead and the courage to follow,’ said Tom Pike, former CEO of Quintiles.”

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