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Every leader brings their own personal passion and expertise that together enables us to take on the complex challenges facing our clients.

PA Bio Dinner Clarkston Scholar Award

Clarkston Scholars Program

Each year, the Clarkston Scholars Program provides one sophomore attending a four-year college or university undergraduate program in Pennsylvania, majoring in a life sciences related field of study, a $10,000 scholarship award. The scholarship provides exposure to the life sciences industry through mentoring with Clarkston Consulting and participation in Life Sciences Pennsylvania (LSPA) events over the course of the two-year scholarship award period.

***The application deadline is January 15th, 2020.***

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Clarkston stewards volunteering at a client site for the holiday season
Clarkston Consulting participated in the Durham Pride parade in 2019.

Featured Stewards in the Community

AJ Jose Headshot

AJ Jose

The AJ’s Helping Hand Scholarship

I started and manage a program called The AJ’s Helping Hand scholarship which is focused on assisting minority high school students with life challenges to attend college. The program helps support the recipients financially but I believe the greatest blessing from the program is the fact that they allow me to become a lifelong mentor to them. The goal of this program is to build a network of successful college graduates who mentor others and ultimately once the recipients have reached their level of success they use their other hand to reach back down and help the next person up.

Sara Morris

My mom teaches elementary school, so I’ve always a great respect for teachers and the importance of education. I’ve been lucky to be involved in Student U and Book Harvest – two non-profits in Durham, located just down the road from Clarkston. Book Harvest is a community book bank that engages families and communities to promote lifelong literacy and academic success for children. Student U is a college-access organization that creates a pipeline of services to support students from 6th grade on. I am grateful for this opportunity to witness and be a part of educational growth in children across all ages in Durham.

brandon miller

Brandon Miller

I started The Black Burdell, Inc. for the simple purpose of promoting, supporting, and cultivating African American entrepreneurs in Atlanta, especially those that are still in school or recently graduated. Since starting the organization a year and a half ago, we’ve awarded scholarships to collegiate entrepreneurs, hosted numerous workshops related to entrepreneurship, and held our first entrepreneurship conference. At the end of the day, what we aim to do is build a community that can utilize each other to help build their individual businesses and inspire the next generation to pursue their passion.

Kristine Pettoni Receives NEW Award

Kristine Pettoni

Much of my career success is due to the connection with others in the industry who share my mindset, my passions and most importantly, my struggles. It’s the inspiration I find at NEW that pushes me to continue to climb the ladder as a female in a male-dominated industry CPG and Consulting. I was humbled and honored to be the national recipient of the NEW 2017 Bobbie O’Hare Best of the Best Leader Award. It’s a privilege to work with the NEW community and watch our efforts advance women in business.

Jeff Graffeo

Jeff Graffeo

Though my diagnosis and the questions and concerns that followed are what drew me to the Multiple Sclerosis Society originally, I was quickly inspired by the passionate work the organization does to help individuals with this disease. In just a decade since I’ve joined, the incredible strides the organization has made in supporting research and clinical trials for new treatments has continued to inspire me. I now sit on the board of directors for my local chapter and take immense joy in working with my community and fellow stewards to support this wonderful organization.

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