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M&A Technology Planning and Integration

Now more than ever, building and refining your company’s portfolio is a critical component of your growth strategy. The ability to quickly vet deals, effectively and efficiently integrate acquisitions and align M&A with organic growth is a core capability for market leaders.


IT’s Critical Role.

IT’s role in the long-term success or failure of an M&A deal is more important than ever with the role of technology. Technology touches virtually all aspects of a company’s operations and is the common denominator among all corporate functions. Creating an integration strategy that establishes a reliable process, people, and technology integration is vital to the overall success of any merger process.


We help our clients throughout the complexities of integrating their acquisitions processes and technologies so they can focus on their core business and capitalize on new business opportunities.

No integration is ever the same due to the uniqueness of all companies involved, but the elements that make an integration successful are.

  • Merger, Acquisition, and Divestiture Integration Strategy
  • Program Management

Having a plan that addresses the cross-functional needs of the business requires a proven plan and strategy.

  • Project Management
  • Technology Integration
  • Data Migration

Mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures are becoming common scenarios for consumer products companies. Creating a strategy and process that can be repeatable, while still customizing the plan to the individual integration or divestiture, is becoming a expectation of your IT M&A plan

  • M&A Methodology/Playbook

What Our Stewards Say

Kristine Pettoni

Associate Partner

The integration of business systems requires more than a superb understanding of your technology systems.  It requires a significant understanding of your business drivers, your consumers’ and customers’ requirements, and your integration strategy.  With our decades of experience navigating mergers and acquisitions transactions working with companies of all sizes, we have built a proven methodology to help you succeed.

We understand that there is a lot of risk involved in closing an M&A transaction in the consumer products industry. Choosing an integration partner is a big decision. You want to make sure that your partner can not only understand your business technology, but your business strategy and drivers. To learn more about how we have been the chosen partner for your peers in this situation, contact one of our CP experts, Kristine Pettoni.

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